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5 New Customers Registered In The Following 7 Days, Netting Him An Extra $35,000 In New Company

That is 5 brand-new customers. Not leads, not a telephone call, however paying customers.

And also the procedure was basic.

Emphasis exclusively on addressing a solitary issue as well as see to it the potential customers understood you recognized it throughout.

Because that eventful telephone call I have actually created near 1.4 million leads for on-line colleges and also lawyers.

So below, with all the dogmatism of brevity is the specific procedure I utilize.

Execute it and also you will certainly have the ability to take total control over the number of brand-new customers you obtain– and also just how rapid you obtain them.

If you intend to miss the “how-to” as well as simply obtain us to execute this for you, after that arrange a 1-1 telephone call by click on this link.

Action # 1: The Leads Multiplier
The majority of legal representatives will certainly market themselves such as this:

” Hey, I’m John Doe as well as I have actually been exercising regulation for 25 years. I focus on these 17 locations”.

You and also I currently understand that this is badly incorrect.

The difficult reality is that potential customers do not truly respect you. They just respect themselves and also their issues.

And also by concentrating on that, something fantastic occurs.

Not just do you obtain even more leads, you could create 5-20 times as numerous as the marketplace generally permits.

I call this the ‘Leads Multiplier’.

Below’s just how it functions.

Make a listing of the locations of regulation you exercise. Allow’s state you do the following:

Personal bankruptcy
Family members regulation
Each advertising and marketing project must just concentrate on one location of regulation. So for this instance allows choice Family Law.

After that, note down all the actual issues you’ll resolve.

And also easily, a solitary location of legislation has actually simply ended up being 4 times as effective as previously.

It draws in leads from 4 different angles which concentrate on individuals’ troubles initial as opposed to simply one.

Currently, think of doing that with every location of legislation.

Do you see just how your advertising can be 5-20 even more reliable by utilizing this strategy?

Action # 2: Rapidly transform site visitors right into potential customers utilizing this web page design template
Have you ever before had a hard time to transform your on the internet web traffic right into a strong lead or incoming telephone call?

I wager you have. And also it isn’t really your mistake. I essentially evaluated 5,000 variants of touchdown web pages to locate the one that functions.

This was a big difficulty since I really did not wish to evaluate “the amount of” leads the web page produced, however instead “just how much profits” each web page generated.

So we tracked and also marked every individual right into a CRM and also determined the outcomes.

5,000 variants, later on, we have 3 layouts that outmatch all others by a massive margin.

Below is an overview of among them:

We commonly see a 700% rise in the variety of leads from this touchdown web page compared to from a common lawyer web site.

That’s why my group has actually produced a number of these themes all set to release.

Can you presume just what should get on that web page?

I’ll provide you a 2nd.

Yep, you should allow them to recognize that you will certainly resolve their trouble.

The touchdown web page itself must just concentrate on one trouble.

VITAL: Even though this is a high transforming touchdown web page, 80-90% of the site visitors will certainly still claim “no” to your deal to assist them. You should make use of an extremely certain item of web content to obtain them back. Much more on that particular soon.

If you desire my group to execute this for you after that arrange a 1-1 consultation right here.

Action # 3: Find your excellent potential customers
Since you have a means to record leads with an extremely reliable ‘issue very first’ technique, you have to locate individuals with that said trouble.

Bear in mind, your touchdown web page, as well as angle, is most likely to be definitely a lot more efficient compared to anything else in this market.

So you could manage to acquire web traffic, recognizing that every $1 you place in will certainly restore $20 in customers.

All you need to do is place your brand-new touchdown web page before the ideal individuals with the ideal trouble.

Thankfully there is a location individual most likely to look for a solution to pushing issues they deal with.

And also it is called Google.

I recognize … I understand …

You’ve most likely attempted Google prior to and also it was either as well pricey or it really did not function.

Yet, I wager you’ve never ever attempted Google advertisements utilizing this precise strategy prior to. You could actually compose your very own ticket and also expand your company as huge as you desire it to be.

Allow’s claim I obtained a DUI and also most likely to Google to search for an option to this issue I have.

I found these 2 advertisements. Look at the very first one:

Just what’s incorrect with this image?

Well, the leading one is exactly what a lot of legal representatives do (a.k.a. your competitors).

It mentions “Criminal Defense Attorney: Get Aggressive Representation. Offered 24/7– Free Consultation.”

To start with, I am not seeking a criminal defense lawyer. I am seeking somebody in order to help me with my DUI.

Keep in mind, as a customer I am just thinking about myself as well as I could not see previous my very own troubles.

The advertisement that is clear, when it involves my trouble, is the one that is getting my interest.

There are a couple of even more concerns keeping that advertisement, however, that’s the largest.

Currently, allows have a check out this advertisement:

First of all, it speaks to the issue I am having.

” I have a DUI and also this is a DUI lawyer. Terrific!”

Never ever ignore the power of uniqueness.

Despite the fact that a criminal lawyer takes care of DUIs, do not think that the possibility recognizes this.

The following component of the advertisement is also much better: “Former Prosecutor Specializes In DUI Defense. Free Consultation.”

That indicates that this individual recognizes just how individuals leave DUIs. He’s a professional and also a previous district attorney– he recognizes all the methods.

Do you see exactly how this will place the internet site visitor secure?

Bear in mind, although you’ve done all the appropriate points, most of the individuals still will not come to be a leader.

That’s since individuals like placing things off. In the following area I am posting likely to reveal you ways to obtain individuals back that originally state “no”.

Quick pointer: The ideal positioning for your Google advertisement is placed number 3. With excellent duplicate, and also by concentrating on a ‘trouble very first’ method, you could obtain the very same variety of clicks as place # 1, yet pay MUCH much less for them.

Action # 4: 80-90% will certainly state “No”: Here’s ways to obtain them back
This is one technique that I do not see any person utilizing. I was also considering on whether I ought to include it– it is that effective.

Smart online marketers and also the legal representatives that employ them will certainly do the important things I have actually stated in this post.

As well as they will certainly acquire substantial success as a result of it. Nevertheless, just 0.1% of attorneys, in fact, execute right stuff I’ve been speaking about.

Yet, there is another point you might do to exceed also them.

Simply visualize being the legal representative that has a regular lead circulation of paying customers who love and respect you.

It’ll be pretty great, right?

Well, simply copy this approach.

Once somebody visits Google and searches “I am looking for a [blank] lawyer” and they click on your ad, you know that they want and need a lawyer.

Why else would they stop binge watching Netflix to search for something that they have no real desire for?

Bingo! They have a problem that needs solving. And Google was their answer.

Just because the user doesn’t respond to the “sales pitch” in your ad doesn’t mean they don’t need a lawyer.

It simply means they need to wait a little bit.

They either got distracted or they get nervous talking to a lawyer (this is actually the # 1 reason for a delayed inquiry).

In the past, you would have paid for that click and lost them forever. By the time they feel like contacting you again they have forgotten who you are.

Instead, they will go on the recommendation of a friend.

So here’s what you do to make sure that never happens.

Now that you know that person is interested in finding a lawyer, and you know they are on the fence, you can send them something a little different.

When they visit your landing page you can ‘tag’ their browser.

This allows you to place ads in front of them throughout the next few weeks.

Have you ever been followed by those annoying retargeting ads after you have visited someone’s website?

Yeah, I hate them too.

This is like that, but instead of annoying them with ads, we’re going to smack them in the face with information that helps to alleviate the problem they are facing.

We’re going to do this by posting an article in their Facebook newsfeed.

Here’s a quick example.

I go to Google and type in “I need a DUI attorney”.

I get cold feet for some reason and decide to watch cat videos on Facebook.

Next thing I see is this: “4 Crucial Things You Must Do To Get Out Of A DUI”.

It is an article in my Facebook newsfeed.

Here’s an actual example of one popping in my newsfeed:

Imagine you just got a DUI and that popped up on your favorite website?

Would you click on it?


This brings people back to your website … not in the form of a sales pitch, but as a problem solving article. I call these “Passive Return Agents”.

Now imagine you hit someone with a new article every single week.

When they finally give in and are ready to call a lawyer, who do you think they are going to call?

A DUI is a fairly urgent thing. A client can’t put it off too long. So one article should do.

But what about a divorce case?

People can dither about whether or not they should get in touch with you for months.

You can push out helpful articles to them every single week for 6 months.

That literally gives you 26 more opportunities than you would have had before.

That increases the odds of you getting their case 26 times.

Powerful stuff, right?


Even though this is a very powerful marketing tool, there is one HUGE problem with this strategy.

Usually, the article page the prospect gets sent to is not optimized for conversions.

This is actually an industry-wide problem. For some reason, the average lawyer has a massive ego about what they want on their website.

And it is costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business each year.

A badly laid out website actually attracts lower end prospects and deters the people with money that you truly want.

So let’s fix that.

You could always just get us to do this for you. Schedule a 1-1 appointment by clicking here.

Step # 5: Your website should look like this
I don’t care how much you’ve already spent on your website.

If it isn’t working you need to change it, and change it quickly.

Your website is an asset that should be providing you with a steady return on your investment.

And unfortunately the worst place to find a return on your website are from web designers.

Traditional web designers are notoriously bad at creating websites that turn visitors into cash.

And it really isn’t their fault. Attorneys usually tell them exactly what they want …

Then the web designer gives it to them. Unfortunately that usually means it sucks (from a ROI point of view).

You see, “a fool represents themselves in court”.

Just like you wouldn’t recommend someone to represent themselves in court, you shouldn’t dictate what goes on your website.

Here are three things you should add to your website right away.

1. The “hello bar”

This is a bar that runs across the top or bottom of your website. It is on every page and it makes it super easy for people to become a lead.

2. The sidebar

This is a very simple call to action box on the side of your content.

Every single page of your website should contain this box. The written copy in the box should ‘future pace’ your prospect. That means you should let them know how hassle free their life might be if they hire you.

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